What Are Steel Cylinder Scale Used For?
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What Are Steel Cylinder Scale Used For?

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Steel Cylinder Scale-Hener Scale

Steel Cylinder Scale-Hener Scale

Steel Cylinder Scale-Hener Scale

This scale is the special scale which is used for producing liquid  oxygen, liquid ammonia, and other industries.

The scale adopts frame structure and surface is covered with multi-layer anti-corrosion coatings, so it's corrosion-resistant and easy to wash.

The cylinder bracket on the platform is easy to rotate.

Stainless steel material, as well as explosionprotection system is optional.

Standard Specification: 0.8×1.2m

Capacity: 2t,3t

Cylinder Specification: 0400~800mm

What is a steel cylinder scale?

A steel cylinder scale is a type of weighing device designed specifically for accurately measuring the weight of steel cylinders or gas cylinders. It provides an efficient and reliable method for determining the weight of cylinders for various applications, including storage, transportation, and inventory management.

How does a steel cylinder scale work?

Steel cylinder scales typically consist of a platform or cradle for supporting the cylinder, load cells or sensors to measure the weight of the cylinder, and a digital display or indicator for showing weight readings. The cylinder is placed on the platform or cradle, and the weight is displayed in real-time.

What are the benefits of using a steel cylinder scale?

    • Accurate and reliable measurement of cylinder weights for storage and transportation.

    • Improved safety by ensuring that cylinders are not overloaded or underfilled.

    • Increased efficiency in inventory management and control.

    • Versatility for use with various types and sizes of steel cylinders.

How do I choose the right steel cylinder scale for my needs?

Consider factors such as the weight capacity, cylinder size compatibility, accuracy requirements, and intended use when selecting a steel cylinder scale. Choose a model that meets your specific requirements and offers features such as durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Are steel cylinder scales legal for trade?

Some steel cylinder scales are approved for legal trade applications, meaning they meet specific requirements for accuracy and reliability set by regulatory authorities. If you require legal-for-trade weighing, ensure that the steel cylinder scale is certified for trade use and undergoes regular calibration.

How do I maintain and calibrate a steel cylinder scale?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance procedures, and schedule periodic calibration checks to verify the scale's accuracy. Calibration should be performed by trained technicians using appropriate calibration weights and procedures. Regular maintenance helps ensure the longevity and reliability of the steel cylinder scale.

Can steel cylinder scales be integrated with other systems?

Some steel cylinder scales are equipped with features for integration with other equipment and systems, such as barcode scanners, printers, and computer networks. This allows for seamless data collection, record-keeping, and integration with inventory management systems.

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