Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks
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Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks

An axle scale measures the individual weight of a vehicle’s axles and can provide the total weight of a vehicle. This type of scale is an ideal solution for applications with limited space and temporary or seasonal weighing needs. After one axle is weighed, the vehicle drives forward for the next axle to be weighed. Axle scales allow operators to monitor overloads and underloads, ensuring outgoing product is maximized while maintaining compliance with road weight limits.

Pad dimension:

Product Description

Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks

Hener manufactures dynamic and static in-ground and portable axle scales to weigh trucks and other commercial vehicles in a variety of industries, including transportation, logistics, construction, energy, aggregates and custom vehicle modification. Our wide range of portable vehicle scales and fixed drive over scales and systems helps customers maintain compliance with legal vehicle weight restrictions, optimize payload to improve efficiency and safety, and save operating costs by tracking inbound and outbound shipments.

Multiple seal protection and water proof for the system to work in raining or snowing.

The pad adopts IP866-IP67 protection level, even better sealing for harsh environments.

According to different situation, you can chose different working modes: Traffic police mode, highways mode and ministries mode.

Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems

Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems maximize efficiency by allowing rapid axle weighing of large numbers of vehicles. Hener offers Weigh-In-Motion solutions for both permanent in-ground truck scales and mobile truck scale applications.

Low-Profile Truck Scales

Hener low-profile portable axle scales offer the same features as our standard portable truck scales, with a low overall height that makes it easier to drive onto the truck scale. The low profile of these axle scales mitigates the effects of deflection between axles that are not on the scales, making it easier to achieve accuracy with fewer scales.

Portable Truck Scales

Hener has a variety of portable static truck scales for sale that feature rugged, large LCD displays. Our portable truck scales are built to withstand heavy use on a variety of surfaces, allowing transport operators to check vehicle axle and gross weights virtually anywhere.

Truck Scale Accessories

We sell wheel and axle scale systems that can be paired with an array of wireless accessories, like indicators and displays, to control processes, record data and automate your truck weighing scale applications.

Weighing Systems for Self Driving Trucks

Vehicle weights have a dramatic effect on steering, maneuverability, braking and acceleration. Weighing systems are a critical part of any autonomous vehicle development program.

Axle Load Scale

                  Axle Load Scale

Axle Load Scale-Hener

                                   Axle Load Scale-Hener


Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks

Max Capability(Single Axle) 5t 10t 15t 20t 30t
Pad dimension 700*430*30(mm) 800*430*30(mm)
Ramp dimension 700*350(mm) 800*350(mm)
Precision Static ±0.05%,Dynastic ±2%
Load Cell structure Pad is load cell, strain gauge inside
Cable Length One set include 2 weighing pads, Cable length is 10m and 8m,
but longer cable is optional
Division 10kg,20kg,50kg
Inspecting Speed <10km/h on average
Work Temperature ‘-45℃ ~ +70℃


To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

axle load scale certificate


Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks


Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks

The Superiority of Hener: 

Rich experience Founded in 2003,the company has 20 years of experience in weighing equipment manu-

facturing and has accumulated rich technical and management experience.We adhere to the core values

of   'honesty    and    trustworthiness,technological   innovation,customer   first,initiative    and    efficiency,and

pursuit  of excellence',constantly  pursue  the  common  development  of  customers,employees,partners  and

the  company,and  cieate  a  harmonious  development  concept.

High quality of Products: 

1.Scale  body:It  adopts  a  unique  U-shaped  steel  bridge  structure,which  has  the  characteristics  of  good

strength,good  rigidity, and  compact  structure,and  can  withstand   150%of  the   international  shaft   high

pressure.The inner cavity of the weighing platform is fully sealed and is not easy to rust.After the steel

plate has been treated by shot blasting and derusting,epoxy zinc-rich primer and acrylic marine paint are

used,which  are  not  easy  to  rust  wear-resistant  pressure-resistant,acid-resistant,alkal-resistant,and  have

stronger  anti-corrosion  capabilities.

2.Weighing:Weighing range is widle,as low as 50 grams,as high as 200 tons.

3.Load  cell:the  reverse  progress  is  fast,the  operation  is  simple,the  artificial  error  and  other  factors  are

greaty  reduced,the  accuracy  is  improved,and  it  has  the  functions  of  moisture  resistance  and  corrosion


4.Electronie scales can also make one machine with multiple scales. 

How many scales can be controlled

binecotnioen.mierocomputer.Complete  group  control  and  centralzed  control,greatly  redueing  factlity  capital

5.Prodtuet quality inspeetion pass rate the prodluct fectory batch peas rate is as high as 99.99%.

Excellent service:

1.All customers of our company can enjoy value-added services such as logistics platform use training,

common problem maintenance skills training,and parts maintenance knowledge for free.

2.After-sales service:

1.Provite  free  maintenance  within  one  year  free  replacement  of  instruments  junction  boxes,displays

and other accessories (except for natural disasters and man-made damage)life-long maintenance.

2.24-hour  remote  hotline  technical  assistance.

3.Technical  engineers  on-site  troubleshooting  within  48  hours.

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Bluetooth- enabled Digital Axle Load Scale for Trucks

Q1: Could you offer more information about the products and quote a best price?

A: Yes, certainly, we will send our product catalogue and company introduction for your reference. You can choose one or more model, I will advise suitable one for you,also with best price details.

Q2: Are you manufacturer of trading company?

A: We are the manufacturer in this area more than 20 years, we export to many country. Welcome your visit any time.

Q3: How long is your delivery time? What's your payment terms?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock and it's 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock.It is according to quantity. Payment terms is TT, LC, cash can be negotiation with us.

Q4: Your price is a little bit higher than my target,can you offer a better price?

A: Yes, price can be negotiation, we try our best to meet your target, let's find a win-win solution, we always keep loog term cooperation relations with customers.


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Leading Weight Scale Manufacturer

Hener weighing is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than 20 years.
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