What Are Forklift Scale Used For?
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What Are Forklift Scale Used For?

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Forklift Scale/Pallet Scale-Hener Scale

Forklift Scale/Pallet Scale-Hener Scale

Forklift Scale/Pallet Scale-Hener Scale

The distinctive structural design of key components not only can accept strong impact,but also makes the height as lower as 75mm when the hydraulie part is released.

Applicable  to  industrial  and  mining  enterprises  and  it's  the best choice for weighing moving cargo in short distance.

The nylon wheels are suitable for low drag efforts, high resistance to chemicals and non-marking traces.

The polyurethane wheels are suitable to the light floor,quiet and   durable.

What is a forklift scale or pallet scale?

A forklift scale or pallet scale is a weighing system integrated into a forklift or attached to a pallet jack. It allows for the weighing of palletized goods directly during material handling operations.

How does a forklift scale work?

Forklift scales typically consist of load cells installed in the forklift's forks or carriage, along with a digital display unit in the operator's cabin. When lifting a pallet, the load cells measure the weight of the pallet and its contents, and the weight reading is displayed to the operator in real-time.

What are the benefits of using a forklift scale or pallet scale?

Using a forklift scale or pallet scale offers several advantages, including:

  • Streamlining weighing processes by eliminating the need for separate weighing operations.

  • Improving efficiency and productivity in material handling tasks.

  • Enhancing inventory accuracy and control by capturing weight data at the point of handling.

  • Facilitating compliance with weight regulations and load optimization.

What types of forklift scales or pallet scales are available?

Forklift scales and pallet scales come in various configurations to suit different forklift models and applications. They may be integrated directly into the forklift's hydraulic system, attached to the forks, or mounted on a pallet jack. Some models are designed for specific industries or environments, such as food processing or hazardous areas.

How do I maintain and calibrate a forklift scale or pallet scale?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance procedures, and schedule periodic calibration checks to verify the scale's accuracy. Calibration should be performed by trained technicians using appropriate calibration weights and procedures. Regular maintenance helps ensure the longevity and reliability of the scale.

What are some common applications for forklift scales or pallet scales?

Forklift scales and pallet scales are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, distribution, shipping, and retail. Common applications include inventory management, order picking, shipping and receiving, and load verification.

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