What Are Fixed Axle Load Scale Used For?
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What Are Fixed Axle Load Scale Used For?

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Fixed Axle Load Scale Manufacturer - Hener Scale

Fixed Axle Load Scale - Hener Scale

Fixed Axle Load Scale - Hener Scale

Ths  weighing  equipment  is  widely  applied  to weighing  works  in  transportation,construction,energy,environmental     protection.and     other low-value  materials  indlustry.with  features  of quick weighing,easy operation convenient insiallation  and  simple  maintenance.

Through weighing the axes of the vehitles to get the  total  weight.

hiaxiat  3.2×09m.Maximum  axle  load:30t

Baval:3.2×2.2m  maximum  axe  load  50t

The   fixed   axle   load   scales   coupled   with   light cutains,the    sense     coil    tire     identfication,video suveilance    and    cenral    contol    system,can compose to a vehicle evenun detection system

What is a fixed axle load scale?

A fixed axle load scale is a type of weighing device designed to measure the weight applied to individual axles or axle groups of vehicles. It is typically installed permanently in the ground at locations such as weigh stations, toll booths, and truck stops.

How does a fixed axle load scale work?

Fixed axle load scales work by measuring the force exerted on the scale platform by the vehicle's axles or axle groups as it passes over the scale. This force is transmitted to load cells or sensors beneath the platform, which generate an electrical signal proportional to the applied force. The signal is then converted into axle weight readings displayed on a digital indicator or weight display.

What are the benefits of using a fixed axle load scale?

Fixed axle load scales offer several advantages, including:

    • Accurate and reliable measurement of axle weights for compliance monitoring and safety purposes.

    • Streamlined weighing operations at fixed locations such as weigh stations and toll booths.

    • Enhanced road safety by identifying overweight vehicles that may pose a risk to infrastructure and other road users.

    • Improved efficiency and productivity in enforcement, toll collection, and regulatory compliance activities.

What are some common applications for fixed axle load scales?

Fixed axle load scales are used in various industries and applications, including transportation, logistics, enforcement, and toll collection. Common applications include weigh stations, toll booths, truck stops, and regulatory compliance checkpoints.

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