What Are Electronic Rail Scale Used For?
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What Are Electronic Rail Scale Used For?

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Electronic Rail Scale-Hener Scale

Electronic Rail Scale-Hener Scale

Electronic Rail Scale-Hener Scale

It is a weighing equipment for weighing rail trucks, and is Widely used in factories,mines, metalurgy,foreign trade,and railway departments,to weigh the bulk cargo.

There are two function state:

Static state for weighing truck load of stationary state.

Dynamie state:  for weighing moving vehiceles, with the speed less than 10km/h.

Rall distance can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

What industries use electronic rail scales?

Electronic rail scales are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and transportation, where bulk materials are transported by rail.

Why are electronic rail scales important?

Electronic rail scales are important for ensuring accurate weight measurements of railcars and their contents, which is crucial for compliance with regulations, safety standards, and efficient operations in rail transportation.

How are electronic rail scales installed and maintained?

Electronic rail scales are typically installed in rail yards and terminals and require periodic maintenance to ensure accuracy and reliability. Maintenance tasks may include calibration, inspection of load cells and electronic components, and routine checks for damage or wear.

What are the benefits of using electronic rail scales?

Benefits of electronic rail scales include accurate weight measurements, compliance with regulations and safety standards, optimization of loading and unloading processes, reduction of material losses, and improvement of overall operational efficiency in rail transportation.

Are electronic rail scales customizable?

Yes, electronic rail scales can be customized to meet specific requirements and applications, such as different railcar sizes, weight capacities, and integration with control systems and software.

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