What Are Double Deck Floor Scales Used For ?
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What Are Double Deck Floor Scales Used For ?

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Double Deck Floor Scales  - Hener Scale

Max.capacity: 10t 

Max.platform dimension: 2m×3m.

There no need to worry the irregular floor anymore.The double decks floor scale can be used anywhere,just put it on the ground,and it is also suitable to be used in pit!Reinforced carbon steel bending structure is sturdy and reliable,stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and easy to wash.The weighing platform equips with four high precision single shear beam sensors to make weighing more accurate.

Floor scale

Floor scale

Floor scale-Hener Scale

Floor scale-Hener Scale

What are Floor scales made of ?

Nerally, floor scales are made with four compressive load cells, a steel frame mounting the load cells, and steel deck covering. They have been designed to have low vertical dimensions to be easily accessible for rolling cargo, pallets, and other heavy loads.

How to use a floor scale?

Set up the floor scale on a rigid level surface, preferably a concrete floor, and place the material in the middle of the scale for accurate readings. Also make sure there aren’t any objects in contact with the platforms and the final reading is adjusted for the environmental effects, if any.

What is the best surface to put a floor scale on?

Floor scales must be put on even rigid surfaces like cement, hardwood floor, ceramic, or porcelain type.

How do industrial floor scales work?

Industrial floor scales work using compressive load cells made of HOLI HH8C alloy steel. The load cells are responsible for converting pressure-induced mechanical force into measurable current. The measured value is then displayed on the HOLI indicator.

How to calibrate a floor scale?

Here's the step by step process of calibrating a floor scale:

  1. Place the floor scale in an open space for safe operation and no interference with the scale.

  2. Clear the platform surface.

  3. Connect the weighing scale indicator.

  4. Turn on the indicator and wait for it to configure. While it’s in the configuration, press the tare button, enter the password, and wait for “No Load” to be displayed.

  5. Use the directional button on the indicator to switch to load1.

  6. Set the desired weight limit and press Tare to confirm.

  7. The indicator will display “Load” for you to place the test load weight on the platform and press.

  8. Press tare, the indicator will enter configuration mode and display the weight value.

  9. Confirm the weight value and repeat the process.

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