Concrete Deck Weighbridge
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Concrete Deck Weighbridge

   Weighbridges have a reinforced concrete deck supported by load cells or mechanical weighbridges. They are durable and suitable for heavy-duty use in industries such as mining, construction, and waste management.
Max Weighing Capacity:

Product Description

Hener 10-100t Truck Scale Weigh bridge For Sale

10-100t Truck Scale Weigh bridge For Sale offered by Hener Scale manufacturer. Buy 10-100t Truck Scale Weigh bridge For Sale directly with low price and high quality.

Factory Direct Sale Customized

Welding platform design is standardized, modularized, serialized, it can form a variety of models freely, the system selects high precision double shear beam or column weighing sensors, the weighing indicator has rich features strong storage and a battery that can continue using when the power off, as well as high precision, low-temperature drift and stronger anti-interference stainless steel waterproof junction box, and signal shielded cable to make the measurement system multifunctional and reliable.

Electronic Truck Scale Manufacturer -

Provide Customized Services

  • High precision.

  • Standardizing, modularized and seralizedStrong interference stainless steelwaterproof junction box. Multi-functional measuring system



10~100ton Digital Heavy Duty Weighbridge Weight Measuring Equipment Truck Scale

Weigh bridge Features

  • Fully assembled, 100% welded construction

  • extra strength and no weak spots

  • Industry-leading weight sensors

  • quick accurate weight readings

  • Cost-effective ownership

  • asts longer than competitor truck scales and has less downtime

  • Truck Scale systems provide a solution to weigh trucks, trailers, or any other type of wheeled vehicle, quickly and accurately.

  • The width of the truck scale can be 3 meters, 3.2 meters, 3.4 meters, but 3 meters is the most normal width.

  • For the length of the truck scale, we have 6, 8,10,16,18,20 and so on, you know the truck scale length depends on the length of the truck or trailer you want to weigh.

Weigh bridge For Sale


Weigh bridge For Sale Video

Weighing bridge factory direct sales

Wholesale Weighbridge Products At Factory Prices At China Hener Scale Manufacturer

The Superiority of Hener:

Rich experience: Founded in 2003, the company has 20 years of experience in weighing equipment manu.facturing and has accumulated rich technical and management experience. We adhere to the core valuesof "honesty and trustworthiness, technological innovation, customer first, initiative and efficiency, andpursuit of excellence", constantly pursue the common development of customers, employees, partners andthe company, and create a harmonious development concept.

Are you Weighbridge  factory?

Yes,we are Weighbridge manufacturer. Welcome your visit anytime,Hener Weighbridge is a leading manufacturer & supplier of  Weigh bridge For Sale with over 20 years of experience in weighing equipment manufacturing

ls it convenient for truck weighbridge scale transportation?

Whole set divides to small sections,easy for shipping and installation

Do you offer installation in our country?

We have agents in some countries.  Please confirm with us if it is available in youicountry.

What is your payment terms and payment method?

Generally we do with T/T payment.  LC is also acceptable.  For other payment,we candiscuss.

ls your price the lowest in the market?

lt is never difficult to make lowest price in China, but you get what you pay for.  We don'taim on lowest but surely the most cost-effective scales.

May I visit your Weighbridge factory?

Welcome to join us as a distributor and feel free to contact us for along-term cooperation and CONTACT US

Key Attributes

Weigh bridge For Sale Key attributes

Industry-specific attributes

Power Supply


Display Type


Other attributes

Place Of Origin
Jiangsu, China

Brand Name

Model Number

Load Cell
ZEMIC Load Cells


U-shape Beams

Thickness Of The Plate

Carbon Steel

Junction Box
Stainless Steel Type

20m signal cable

Product Name
Weight Scale


CE ISO9001


The Advantage of Hener truck scale :

  1. Can be matched with various indicators

  2. Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare

  3. Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display

  4. Digital filtering, clear tare automatically

  5. Subtract tare and clear tare automatically

  6. Keyboard set/calibration

  7. Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation

  8. Data output/print automatically

Weigh Bridge For Sale - Hener Scale

Weigh Bridge For Sale

truck scale weighbridge - Hener

Truck Scale Weighbridge

truck scale weight - Hener Scale Supplier

Truck Scale Weightbridge Supplier

Truck Scale Weigh bridge FAQ

What is a Truck Scale Weighbridge?

A Truck Scale Weighbridge, also known simply as a weighbridge or a truck scale, is a large platform scale specifically designed for weighing trucks and their loads. It ensures accurate measurement of goods being transported.

How does a Truck Scale Weighbridge work?

A truck drives onto the weighbridge platform, which is supported by load cells or strain gauges. These sensors measure the weight of the vehicle and its load, which is then displayed on an indicator or sent to a computer for recording and analysis.

What are the different types of Truck Scale Weighbridges?

There are various types of truck scales, including pit-mounted, surface-mounted, portable, and axle scales. Each type has its own advantages depending on the specific needs of the application.

What are the advantages of using a Truck Scale Weighbridge?

Truck scale weighbridges provide accurate weight measurements, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and preventing overloading of vehicles. They also help in inventory management, logistics planning, and ensuring fair trade practices.

Are Truck Scale Weighbridges accurate?

When properly maintained and calibrated, truck scale weighbridges provide highly accurate weight measurements. Regular calibration and maintenance are essential to ensure accuracy and reliability.

What are the legal requirements for Truck Scale Weighbridges?

Truck scale weighbridges are subject to various legal regulations regarding accuracy, calibration, and certification depending on the jurisdiction. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to ensure the legality and validity of weight measurements.

Can Truck Scale Weighbridges handle different types of vehicles?

Yes, truck scale weighbridges are designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from small trucks to large tractor-trailers. They can also be used to weigh other heavy vehicles and equipment such as buses and construction machinery.

How do Truck Scale Weighbridges contribute to safety?

By accurately measuring vehicle weights, truck scale weighbridges help prevent overloading, which can lead to accidents, road damage, and premature wear and tear on vehicles. They also support compliance with weight limits, reducing the risk of structural failures and accidents.

Are Truck Scale Weighbridges suitable for use in various industries?

Yes, truck scale weighbridges are used in diverse industries including agriculture, mining, transportation, waste management, construction, and manufacturing. They play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operations and compliance with regulatory requirements.

How can I maintain a Truck Scale Weighbridge for optimal performance?

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the optimal performance of a truck scale weighbridge. This includes cleaning the platform, inspecting for damage or wear, calibrating the scale regularly, and ensuring proper functioning of all components. It's also important to train personnel on proper usage and maintenance procedures.

Packing And Delivery

Weigh bridge For Sale Packing And Delivery
Hener will inspect and test 100% before delivery, and we have started our first cooperation. We believe that we will continue to place bulk orders with Hener Weighbridge after our first cooperation. Thank you for your trust and support to Weighbridge wholesalers and buyers!

Product Category

Leading Weight Scale Manufacturer

Hener weighing is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than 20 years.
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