Pallet Jack with Scale
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Pallet Jack with Scale

Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb. Cap, 27"W x 48"L Forks
Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises and it's the best choice for weighing moving cargo in short distance
The distinctive structural design of key components not only can accept strong impact,but also makes the height as lower as 75mm when the hydraulie part is released.
The nylon wheels are suitable for low drag efforts,high resistance to chemicals and non-marking traces.
The polyurethane wheels are suitable to the light floor,quiet and durable.
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Max Weighing Capacity:

Product Description

Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb. Cap, 27"W x 48"L Forks Descriptiophotobank (7)

Electronic pallet scale is a weighing instrument used for weighing loading materials during the loading process of loading equipment tool. The electronic pallet scale can provide the cumulative value of the weighed materials and print the list. The electronic pallet scale is a vehicle-mounted weighing device that is integrated with the vehicle's mechanical control part to achieve weighing while the vehicle is traveling. It monitors a predetermined weighing position through a proximity switch and converts hydraulic pressure into the weight of the load in the bucket to achieve weighing. It has two different working modes: target mode and accumulation mode. According to the operator's choice, the load can be automatically accumulated or deducted from the target set value.

Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb Content

Electronic forklift scales enable the vehicle to automatically weigh materials while loading them. It is widely used in cargo loading control in logistics, warehousing, workshops, coal mines, ports, construction and railway


Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb Features

*The electronic scale that operates both transporting and weighing at the same time, suitable for pallet weighing and weighing situations that often move.

“The scale platform consists of a hydraulic manual handling mechanism, a load cell, a stainless steel junction box, a weighing display instrument, and signal cables.

*Hydraulically driven scale platform lifting and manual vehicle operation

*Alloy steel sensor: strong resistance to lateral force, overload capability, stable performance, high accuracy, and good reliability.

"Special weighing instrument: zero setting, tare, accumulation and other functions; the unit can be switched (kg/1b);

*Powered by rechargeable battery, AC and DC, can be used continuously for 80 hours even in a power outage

*The surface of the scale body is sprayed with plastic, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-rust. It is professionally designed. The scale body is stronger and gets rid of the loss force caused by weighing and moving at the same time, extending the service life of the scale.

*Anti-leak oil cylinder: Avoid the disadvantages of oil leakage. Rough use by operators during hydraulic operation will not affect the durability of the oil cylinder.

*The moving rollers of the truck are made of high-strength nylon wheels: they are lighter to carry.

Electronic pallet scale operating environment

1.The pallet electronic scale should be preheated when in use. Lift the boom 5-10 times to preheat the oil pressure and sensor to normal operating temperature.

2. During operation, when the tipping bucket is lifted, the joystick that controls the boom should first be placed in the extreme rear position, that is, the tipping bucket is at the rear end.

3. The boom system should be strictly lubricated to reduce the friction coefficient of the boom

4. Choose a flatter ground for weighing.

5. The speed of lifting the boom should be controlled evenly

6. It is better to reset the vehicle to zero when the vehicle is stopped.

7. Avoid driving in the vehicle during the weighing process. If you need to drive, the vehicle speed should be controlled at about 10KM/h.

8. If multiple tipping buckets are equipped, the tipping bucket used must be calibrated when weighing.

9. Turn on the vehicle before turning on the electronic scale, and then turn off the vehicle power supply after turning off the electronic scale.

10. Avoid water flowing into the instrument during cleaning to avoid damage.

photobank (6)


1.The body part is the overall framework of the electronic forklift scale.

2. Four pressure load cells are used to measure the pressure changes experienced by the vehicle hydraulic system;

3. Five-hole junction box, used to collect the pressure signals endured by the four sensors and transmit the signals to the vehicle-mounted instrument;

4. The vehicle-mounted instrument calculates the weighing data and displays the weighing results on the instrument screen.

photobank (2)

Weighing range:

Electronic forklift scales have various weighing ranges: 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg.

This is determined by the sensor used by the electronic forklift scale. The common specifications of the sensor used by the electronic forklift scale are as follows: 200kg, 500kg,

1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg


The accuracy of electronic forklift scales is: 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1000g

Optional Indicator:

Many different function indicator: indicators with printing, stainless steel instruments, instruments with upper and lower limit alarm functions, RS232 interface for computer instruments, etc.

Optional types: all stainless steel forklift scales, explosion-proof forklift scales, etc.


Carrying and weighing functions are integrated into one. Save time and effort in operation. Logistics weighing and handling leader.

Product Paremeters

Details Of Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb. Cap, 27"W x 48"L Forks - Hener Scale

Single fork(mm)
Lifting Height Range
Plate Material
Q235 carbon steel or stainless steel
Thickness of plate
Weighing Capacity
Division value
A12E,A27,A23P optional(OIML&CE approved)
Load Cells
4 pcs Keli SQB,Zemic H8C optional
Power Supply
Rechargeable Battery, AC 187~242V;49~51Hz , DC 6V/4AH
Packing method
2pcs or 4pcs or 6pcs in one wooden case
OEM, ODM; Customized logo, metal label etc.
CE, ISO-9001 and other weighing scale certificates provided

Features and Functions

Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb. Cap, 27"W x 48"L Forks Video


Manual Pallet Jack Scale Truck 5000 lb. Cap, 27"W x 48"L Forks Notes

1. This product cannot be overloaded and should be used exclusively for scales. Pay attention to the humidity and dust in the operating environment.

2. During operation, do not drop quickly under heavy load to avoid damage to the hydraulic cylinder and main weighing parts.

3. When pushing a forklift scale under a heavy load, the hydraulic device cannot be raised.

4. When using it for the first time, use up the pre-stored power before charging. It takes more than 12 hours to charge for the first time.

5. An undervoltage prompt will appear before the weighing indicator runs out of power. At this time, it should be charged immediately to ensure the service life of the battery. The first three times must be fully charged within 10-12 hours to ensure that the battery is fully activated. After that, it will take 4-6 hours each time. Battery damage will affect the normal use of the forklift and the stability of the weighing display.

6. Pallet scales must be protected from exposure to sunlight, water, and moisture.

7. Use 220V AC power supply when charging the meter

8. The front and rear casters are made of polyurethane material as standard. Avoid using them on high-temperature floors to avoid damage.

After-sales service

1. 48-online service.

2. Electronic scales purchased from our company provide one year of free service.

3. Repair various brands and types of electronic scales (table scales, platform scales, balances, forklift scales, stainless steel floor scales, floor scales, truck scales, counting scales, printing scales, etc.) and valet services

Correction services.

4. Provide replacement of sensors, batteries, conversion power supplies, displays and other accessories.

5. Design and install mechanical scales, modify electronic scales, such as bench scales and truck scales, and develop various non-standard bench scales, forklift scales, floor scales, etc. according to customer requirements.


FAQs For Pallet scale - Hener Scale

Q:What is a pallet scale?

A:Pallet scale is a device that can be used as both a manual forklift and a mobile floor scale. It has the characteristics of lightweight, easy to operate, safe, reliable, durable, low price, economical and practical

Q:What is a pallet scale used for?

A:Pallet scales are primarily used for material handling and weighing. Its high-strength steel fork structure enables it to safely and reliably handle various goods, while the mechatronic hydraulic station gives it a weighing function to conveniently weigh goods.

Q:How to operate a pallet scale?

A:Before using a pallet scale, check its appearance, audio signal, starting, operation and braking performance, etc. Before starting, look around to make sure there are no obstacles that impede driving safety, and then start. During operation, the lifting, lowering and traveling control levers can be easily controlled by hand, making the pallet truck light, safe and comfortable to use.

Q:What should you pay attention to when maintaining a pallet scale?

A:The hydraulic system and bearings of a pallet scale generally require no maintenance, but in extreme cases, such as in humid environments or when flushing with high-pressure hoses, all bearings are equipped with oil refill holes for refueling. In addition, the appearance, audio signal, starting, operation and braking performance of the forklift scale should be checked regularly to ensure that its work is safe and reliable


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Hener weighing is a leader in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry. Our company has been manufacturing electronic weighing systems for more than 20 years.
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