What Are Floor Scales Used For?
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What Are Floor Scales Used For?

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Latform Floor Scale-Hener Scale

Latform Floor Scale-Hener Scale

Latform Floor Scale-Hener Scale

Max.capacity: 10t

Max.platform dimension:  2m×3m.

Reinforced carbon steel bending structure is suitable for a variety of weighing requirements.

The top quality of spraying paint treatment of surface ensures best power coating and painting qualiy.

What Are Floor Scale Used For?

Applications: Industrial Manufacturing: Platform scales are widely used in manufacturing processes for quality control, inventory management and material handling. They help ensure the accurate measurement of raw materials, finished products and components during production.

What are the advantages of floor balance?

1.Easy to stack and store between uses.

2.High versatility and suitable to be used in a number of ways, from weighing chemical totes to pallets, and many more

3.Designed to last, even under heavy-duty usage over long periods of time.

Floor Scales – Why, Where and How to Choose Them?

They offer a high capacity and larger weighing platforms as compared to other scale varieties

They are accurate, reliable and capable of withstanding rough warehouse conditions that can easily damage other scales

Though they are larger in size, they can be stacked easily or placed in storage containers where space is limited

They are versatile and can be combined with cages and supports in order to weigh a large variety of objects that may include manufacturing parts, containers or even animals.

Three Main Industrial Settings that Employ Floor Scales

  1. Warehouses

    You can use low profile scales in warehouse. The net weight can be indicated in kilogram or pounds. You can even freeze the weight on the indicator when the item has been removed, allowing you to verify that you recorded the weight correctly. These scales can also be moved around using a forklift, allowing the scale to be transported to wherever it might be needed.

  2. Agriculture

    Portable floor scales are quite often used in the agriculture sector to weigh agricultural bulk items such as food, fertilizers, lumber, bamboo, hemp, flax, silk, etc. They are also used by ranchers to weigh livestock and monitor the weight of various animals.

  3. Health Care

    Numerous varieties of floor scales are used in the healthcare sector. One variety is a classic dial type which comes in different sizes and has the capacity to measure goods weighing between 2 lbs to 330 lbs. The second variety is the flat floor scale. These are portable, digital scales and can weigh up to 440 lbs and run on batteries. Another kind of digital scale being used in healthcare have a display screen that is separate from the actual weighing plate, which can be mounted on the wall for easy viewing. You can run these scales through the main power supply or on batteries, allowing the scales to remain portable.

If you are planning to invest in floor scales for your business, these tips will help you make better buying decisions.

  • Check whether the scales can accommodate the capacity of items that you intend to weigh. If you plan to weigh multiple items simultaneously, ensure that the total weight doesn’t exceed the scale’s maximum weighing capacity.

  • Verify that the floor scale you want to buy is large enough for your needs as some industries use oversized containers or crates that would need to fit on the platform.

  • Consider the location of scale. Be sure the designated weighing area is free from obstructions and is spacious enough for your weighing needs.

  • Check if the scale can offer the features and functions you require for various business applications. For instance, if you want to weigh animals, a scale with a ramp would be ideal.

  • Look for a quality scale, as a well made scale can provide years of use. An inferior imported scale from a less reputable source may not stand the test of time. A Lower quality scale might seem like a bargain but could end up costing you more time and money in the long run than a quality floor scale.

  • Check to see if the scale is repairable and has replacement parts available through your local scale service provider.

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