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   Crane Scales -Hener Scale

Crane Scales -Hener Scale

Crane Scales -Hener Scale

It is very beautiful and light with the design of  integrated sensor and high-strength aluminum alloy case. Besides,it is also very convenient  and safe with 360 degree rotation, and is widely used in  metallurgy,  docks, mines and other industry which use lifting equipment.

Visual and wireless transmission type are optional.

Can be customized according to different requirement.

Maximum  weighing: 50t

What is a crane scale?

A crane scale is a type of weighing device designed to measure the weight of suspended loads using a crane or hoist. It consists of a load cell or sensor attached to the crane hook, along with a digital display or indicator for showing weight readings.

How does a crane scale work?

Crane scales work by measuring the tension or force exerted on the crane hook by the suspended load. This force is transmitted to the load cell or sensor, which generates an electrical signal proportional to the applied force. The signal is then converted into a weight reading displayed on the digital indicator.

What are the benefits of using a crane scale?

    • Accurate and reliable measurement of loads during lifting and material handling operations.

    • Enhanced safety by ensuring that loads are within safe weight limits for lifting.

    • Increased efficiency and productivity by streamlining weighing operations in industrial and construction settings.

    • Portability and versatility for use in various environments, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and shipping yards.

How do I choose the right crane scale for my needs?

Consider factors such as the weight capacity, accuracy requirements, display readability, and environmental conditions when selecting a crane scale. Choose a model that meets your specific requirements and offers features such as durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Are crane scales legal for trade?

Some crane scales are approved for legal trade applications, meaning they meet specific requirements for accuracy and reliability set by regulatory authorities. If you require legal-for-trade weighing, ensure that the crane scale is certified for trade use and undergoes regular calibration.

How do I maintain and calibrate a crane scale?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance procedures, and schedule periodic calibration checks to verify the scale's accuracy. Calibration should be performed by trained technicians using appropriate calibration weights and procedures. Regular maintenance helps ensure the longevity and reliability of the crane scale.

Can crane scales be integrated with other systems?

Some crane scales are equipped with features for integration with other equipment and systems, such as data loggers, remote displays, and wireless communication devices. This allows for seamless data collection, record-keeping, and integration with process automation systems.

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