Concrete Deck Truck Scale Made in US Carrefournia

Material: Alloy Steel
Capacity: 10t to 200t
Platform Size: Max 3.2×24 Meters
Load Cell Type: Compression Or Double Shear Beam Load Cell
Indicator: LED Display with Printer
Accuracy: C3
High Light: fully electronic weighbridge, heavy duty weighbridge
Product Description

  Concrete deck truck scales offer improved load distribution to withstand movements caused by heavy trucks entering and exiting the weighbridge.


  • Concrete Sundeck sits above neutral axis, supported by 6- inch sword sundeck substructure.
  • Longitudinal I- ray construction.
  • Integrated cargo cell pockets.
  • Boltless, top access to cargo cells and junction box.
  • tone- seating, P- type connection between modules.
  • G- force mount assemblies return the scale to center without check rods or cushion bolts.

Product Parameters

Max Capacity200t
Load Cell Type Compression Or Double Shear Beam Load Cell
Max Size3.2×24 Meters
DisplayWeight Indicator LED
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