Bar scale

1. Carbon steel strip scale, stainless steel strip scale, strip scale, industry-specific weighbridge, square tube structure, high strength;

2. The strip scale produced by Shanghai Yiyu weighing instrument has light self weight (less than 30kg);

3. Plus unique handle design,;

4. Strip scale is widely used in warehouses, logistics and other occasions where pallets are widely used;

5. Strip scale platform structure, equipped with handle and roller - convenient for handling and weighing of goods with drag tray;

6. Strip scale includes 1 scale body, 1 approach slope, 1 instrument, 4 shear beam sensors, 1 junction box and 6m signal cable;

7. The built-in battery of the strip scale is dc4v / 4.5ah, both AC and DC;

8. As required, the user can also select the instrument with printing function (to be explained when ordering);

9. The strip scale is mainly used for weighing goods such as trolley, forklift or forklift.

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