Type of hanging scale

1. From the structural characteristics, it can be divided into dial hanging scale and electronic hanging scale.

2. In terms of working forms, it can be divided into hook head suspension type, traveling type, axle seat type and embedded type.

(monorail electronic hanging scale is mainly used in slaughtering meat Union, meat wholesale, warehouse supermarket, rubber manufacturing, papermaking and other industries to weigh articles on the hanging track. The hook head scale is mainly used for weighing large tonnage goods in highly restricted occasions such as metallurgy, steel mills, railways and logistics, such as containers, ladle, molten iron ladle, coil, etc. The lifting limiter is mainly used for overload protection of cranes in metallurgy, logistics, railways, ports and industrial and mining enterprises.)

(hook head hanging hook scale affects the height of goods lifted by the crane; The crane needs to be reconstructed for crane and axle seat hook scales, which will affect the crane operation during maintenance; The embedded hook scale is to install a weighing link at a certain part of the crane, which does not affect the lifting height or crane operation. It is a direction of industry development.)

3. In terms of reading form, it can be divided into four types: scale body direct display (i.e. integration of sensor and scale body), wired operation box display (crane operation control), large screen display and wireless transmission instrument display (which can be networked with Microcomputer).

(direct display electronic hanging scale is widely used in material import and export statistics, warehouse stock control and finished product weight weighing in logistics warehouses, factory workshops, market markets and other fields. Wireless data transmission steel structure electronic hanging scale is widely used for cargo loading, unloading and weighing in harsh industrial and mining occasions such as railway terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, factories and mining enterprises.)

4. In terms of sensor form, it can be divided into resistance strain type, piezomagnetic type, piezoelectric type and capacitance type.

5. From the use environment, it can be divided into normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type, antimagnetic insulation type and explosion-proof type( The magnetic protection and thermal protection scale has the advantages of accurate weighing, abundant functions, simple operation, various configurations, excellent magnetic and thermal protection performance, and is widely used in weighing, weighing, and measuring in high temperature, strong magnetic and dusty environments such as steel rolling, smelting, aluminum ladle, ladle, electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic copper, electromagnetic sucker hanging, electric furnace ironmaking, etc. Explosion proof electronic hanging scale can be used in hazardous gas or dust occasions, such as coating, paint, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, military and other industries.)

6. In terms of data stabilization processing, it can be divided into static type, quasi dynamic type and dynamic type.

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