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Steel Deck Truck Scale

Choose the Hener Steel Deck truck scale for applications where steel is preferred or downtime is critical.

Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The Hener Concrete Deck truck scale is well suited for resisting corrosion and rust and yields better traction in wet and icy conditions.

Extreme Duty Truck Scale

Ideal for ultra-high capacity vehicle weighing applications up to 400,000 pounds, Hener’s extreme duty vehicle scales are the toughest in the industry.

Axle Truck Scale

Axle truck scale is designed for in-ground, shallow-pit truck axle weighing for applications where above ground ramps aren’t practical.

Portable Truck Scale

The truck scale contains benefits of the Hener line: durability, longevity and consistency, all with the added feature of portability.

Concrete Deck Truck Scale

Hener truck scales are ruggedly designed with massive outboard beams in a bolted or welded design. The Hener is for above ground installation and available with either a steel or concrete deck.

Pit-Type Truck Scale

Designed for installation where space is limited, the Hener Series truck scale has earned a reputation for delivering quality performance in pit-type vehicle scale applications.

Above-ground or in-pit foundation Truck Scale

The Hener truck scale is a mechanical version of our ATV models, offering the versatility to be either permanent or portable.

In-pit foundation Truck Scale

The Hener truck scale is a mechanical pipe-lever design of our pit-type PT model. The PT-M is a cost-effective investment for a long-term, permanent installation, providing the highest accuracy with the lowest maintenance costs.

Multi-Platform Truck Scale

Hener offers multiple platform sizes of the popular truck scales in multi-platform configurations. The combination of module sizes and total length of the scale are determined by the axle spacing of the trucks being weighed.

Low-Profile Steel or Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The Low-Profile Steel Deck Truck Scale is a steel deck replacement truck scale solution with a low profile and easy installation. The OTR-LP is ideal for pre-existing foundations, including foundations used for non-Rice Lake truck scales.

Steel deck Truck Scale

The AG livestock scale packs the performance into a mid-size, mid-duty frame. The AG comes complete with a fabricated weighbridge for a concrete platform, load cells and mounts, as well as top access to load cells.

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