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How to load the 96 sets pallet truck scale into a 20GP container

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Hener Weighing Equipment Co.,Ltd,is a manufacture which is experienced in weighing scales especially for pallet truck scale .Pallet scale has obtained great population and reputation from domestic and foreign markets .

The quality of our pallet truck scale is high ,it is based on our high-tech and high precision machines and innovated design and our engineers.For pallet truck scale, the color and accessories such as load cells and indicators are optional ,and they are also can be customized according to your requirements.

Because we are the factory ,the price will be reasonable and more competitive than trading company ,so welcome worldwide customers to visit our facory and looking forward to your kindly cooperation.

At 6th July,96 sets of pallet truck scale were loaded in a 20GP container and it was sent to Shanghai port.6pcs of pallet truck scales can be loaded in one wooden case,so total 16 pcs of wooden cases.These pallet truck scales will be arrived to european country finally.

As the  domestic demand for pallet truck scales is also very large ,so our factory has been very busy recently.

Not only the pallet truck scale but also other weighing scale such as platform floor scale ,truck scale ,u beam scale etc. are becoming more and more popular in the world.So if you need these scale ,I think our HENER will be your best choise.

Load pallet truck into 20GP container



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