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How does 3*18m truck scale work

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We produce truck scales with different dimensions 3*14m ,3*16m ,3*18m and so on  ,and how does these truck scales work?

The whole truck scale system includes the scale body and accessories such as indicator and load cells.

For 3*18m truck scale,it will be separated into 4 sections 8 pieces for shipping easily,when customer received the products ,the truck scale have to be installed before using.

For installation , the scale badies have to be pieced together ,the load cells should be installed at the corner of the scale body ,and the indicator will be connected with the load cells through signal cable .

When scale bodies installed well, the truck scale can be used directly because the truck scale is already modified before delivery.When the trucks drive on the scale ,the load cells pick up the weight and transmit it to the indicator via signal cable, then the data can be read by people .If customer need the printed data,you can choose the indicator with function of printing like A9P.

In my opinion ,the load cells are the most important thing to the accuracy of the truck scale ,so we normally use high quality load cells such as KELI and ZEMIC witch have CE and OIML certificates.

Nowadays our truck scale have been more and more popular in Afrian and Russian countries,I think the truck scale with high quality and reasonable price will take the market all over the world.

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